Ensure everyone’s where they’re supposed to be with Howler access control
Howler's RFID access control system stores the identifying information of every attendee and knows exactly where they belong - and where they don't.
How we do access control
Howler's RFID technology means fast, secure, accurate, digital accreditation.
  • Multiple roles
    Place multiple access conditions on a single wristband or lanyard.
  • Personal information
    You can store tons of event-specific info on each RFID wristband or lanyard.
  • Fraud-proofing
    The whole process is encrypted, so you and your customers are protected against funny business.
  • Live reporting
    See who goes where, and when, in real time, with up-to-date reports.
Better with Howler Cashless
Using cashless alongside access control means a single RFID wristband and a seamless event experience.

Take control of your event!