Sell more tickets with Howler ticketing
Embrace a better customer experience with an online ticketing system that drives more sales.

Mobile first

Our ticketing journey is designed with the modern mobile customer in mind - but no matter the device, it's a smooth, seamless user journey.

Less paper, more trees

Howler operates digitally, so there's no need to print out stacks of tickets. Which, let's face it, is very old-school anyway.

WhatsApp integration

Send customers' tickets directly and instantly via WhatsApp.
Never miss a sale…
Howler is the industry leader when it comes to payment options.

Plus, your customers can book online and pay in store at the largest retail network in SA with

Create your own ticket types.

Categorise tickets by phase, tiers or anything else that suits your event.

Want dramatic customisation?

If you're a premium customer, we'll do a complete overhaul for you: from replacing our logo with yours to creating custom pages.

Get an embeddable widget.

You can direct customers to your website, instead of driving them to ours. We'll still handle the ticketing, but you'll own the customer experience.

Add custom questions.

Need some info from your customers? Easy. Add specific question-and-answer fields to the purchase process.

Build a better database.

Assign each ticket to a unique customer, so that you know every single individual who's attending and can prevent ticket scalping.

Access rich data analytics.

Howler uses Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to monitor and measure user behaviour on your page.

Promo codes

Run specials linked with unique promotional or discount codes. (This is also useful for sponsor discounts!)

Group & bulk discounts

Offer discounts to customers who buy a specific number of tickets, and make them love your brand even more.

Complimentary tickets

Issue comps - in unlimited quantities - directly from the Organiser Portal, and have this tracked for easy reporting later.

Know your audience.

Dive down into each customer to see their purchases afterwards or in real-time. This way, you can manage your own support, with or without us.

Can I help you?

Don't have time to manage your ticket support? Howler's managed call centre will do this for you, via fantastic support agents who are trained to know what's going on.

Data Compliance

All Howler's data systems are fully compliant with GDPR and POPI laws. Everything's safe and encrypted, and we keep up to date with the rules so you don't have to.

Custom filtering

Select relevant lists of customers to receive specific, custom-crafted messages.

Drag 'n drop design

Make all your messaging look pretty, without even trying.

SMS tools

Reminders. Nudges. Updates. Calls to action. Go for it. Go mobile, thanks to Howler.

Scanning app

Use our native mobile app to scan tickets and manage access with the greatest efficiency.

Box office

Sell wherever you want to: at your store or at the door.

Start selling tickets today!